27 October, 2009

My French Toast! IT'S A MIRACLE!!

OMG, MY FRENCH TOAST TOTALLY HAS A FACE ON IT!! CALL THE NEWSPAPERS!! Better yet, call Golden Palace Casino, those guys who bought the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich and talked this poor benighted idiot into tattooing her forehead. Check out the center of this slice of delicious Frfench toast:

Trouble is, I can't quite figure out exactly who has appeared uninvited at the breakfast table. He's too fat to be Jesus, and Elvis didn't have a beard. Top contenders:
  • Orson Welles

  • Billy Mays

  • Ulysses S Grant

  • Bluto

  • Robert Blake

So...what do you think?


Pareidolia is the phenomenon by which humans tend to recognize familiar patterns - faces, animals, speech, and so on - in random stimulae. Simply put, our brains are hard-wired to find recognizable images amongst noise. This is especially true of recognizing faces, which is a skill acquired very early in infancy. For more information about pareidolia, and why a grilled-cheese sandwich isn't really a manifestation of the Holy Mother, you can check Wikipedia and The Skeptic's Dictionary, or you can simply Google the term pareidolia.



Eating The Road said...

Haha, that's great. It's totally Billy Mays...did you eat 'em?

auntjone said...

Ringo Starr? Alice Cooper?

auntjone said...

Rob Zombie! I have no idea why all of my guesses are musicians.

Anonymous said...

Actually I can see two faces on the toast. The one in the middle is Billy Mays coming back to haunt you and the other one just above and to the left looks like Spock from Star Trek.

Andrew said...

It looks like that Moon guy who used to be in McDonald's commercials. Remember in the 80s? "Mac Tonight", or whatever?

Carol said...

No one suggested Ringo Starr?

Anonymous said...

Looks totally like the guy on a pack of Zig Zags