13 October, 2009

Domo-kun At 7-11

7-11 is doing a promo: Coffee in a DOMO cup for 99 cents. They've also got some pretty cool-looking Domo signage in the stores.

Trouble is, the coffees are small, and the Domo cups are paper, and coffee is just as good and half the price at four or five other places within line of sight of most of the 7-11s in my town.

Now, if they were selling coffee in a reusable Domo travel mug for $2.50, I'd be all over it.


Michele said...

I just can't bring myself to drink their rotgut coffee...it doesn't matter how much I love Domo! Wonder if my local 7-11 will let me have a few empty cups. :)

Eating The Road said...

I've been seeing Domo at Target stores as well. How did he get popular over here? It doesn't seem like many people know of him yet he's getting a lot of marketing action.

...not sure this is the greatest draw...even McCafe's coffee is better...and cheaper.

Dave said...

Domo has had a cult following in the US for at least ten years - my daughter has been mad for Domo since she was little. Tokyo Pop, the manga publisher, has just released a US manga starring Domo, and that's where the sudden popularity comes from.