01 October, 2009

The Return of Mountain Dew Throwback

Good news, sugar-sweetened beverage fans: Mountain Dew Throwback and Pepsi Throwback have proven so popular that PepsiCo is bringing them back again for another limited 8-week engagement this December.

Thowback hits the stores again starting on December 28th, and will be the same delicious sugar-sweetened formulation you remembered from your childhood (well, you remember it if you're an old fart like me.)

But best of all: Check out the Mountain Dew label! It's Willie the Hillbilly, back again! Ya-hooo! Mountain Dew!

I'm psyched.


Joe said...

Ever get Mexican Coke? Coca-Cola that is. It's made with real sugar and I've only ever seen it in 1/2 and liter glass bottles. Just noting like it. I tried Jones "pure cane cola" but it's just not coke... this from someone who prefers RC.

Andrew said...

Is this stuff being sold nationally?

Dave said...

It will roll out nationally at the end of December - an 8-week special run.

Christina said...

Ah, pure sugar. Much better than corn syrup.
I occasionally pick up the Adirondack "Naturals" soda at Big Y - sugar sweetened.