15 November, 2007

Crown Fried Chicken, Springfield MA

There's a dumpy-looking little fried chicken joint in a storefront on the corner of State and Main in Springfield, MA. It's called Crown Fried Chicken, and they ain't much to look at.

Inside, run-down old booths line the faded walls with their peeling wallpaper-scroll trim, and the vinyl floors are scuffed and tired. An ordering counter runs across the back wall, and above it, a backlit sign displays large color pictures of the various fried chicken and spare rib combos you can order. The price is low, the service is friendly, and the food comes out fast.

And it's delicious. The chicken is coated with a thin batter before being fried, and it comes out tender and juicy. The shoestring fries that come with the combos are crispy on the outside, steamy soft on the inside, and generously portioned. Along with the chicken and fries, combos also come with your choice of 12-ounce canned soda. They have a big variety, and it was no trouble finding a Coke Zero in the case.

My nephew and I each ordered chicken wings - three wings, fries, beverage - and it came to about $10 for the two of us. Good food at a fair price.