14 October, 2009


What could this be? An Eggo/Star Trek promotional tie-in? It's a good thing that I'm not one of those compulsive hoarders. These are Limited Edition Eggos and must be retained for all time for their collector's value. And yet...delicious waffles... I could see how the intense emotional conflict could bring about a mental "divide by zero" error and make heads asplode.

Did I mention that pictures of Mr. Spock figure prominently on these bitchin' Star Trek Eggos? That makes them...

S P O C K W A F F L E S !

Try saying that three times fast: "Spockwaffles. Spockwaffles. Spockwaffles. " I can't do it; I mess up on the "waffles" part every time.

Anyway, Spockwaffles don't taste any better or worse than regular Eggos, and they're not any more expensive than regular Eggos, but they are undeniably cooler than regular Eggos by virtue of having Spock on some of them.

OM NOM NOM. "Brain and brain!! What is brain??"


Kellogg's website.

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