21 October, 2009

Chum Bucket Candy

I paid nearly two bucks for this tiny little tin of Chum Bucket candy at a little chocolate shop in Gloucester, and it was so disappointing. The label promised "Chum Flavored Candy" and the ingredients listed "artificial seafood flavor" which I figured would be as close to chum as anything else. Not true. The candies are sweet and "biscuity" tasting - kind of like stale Cheerios - but taste nothing at all like chum, or seafood, or for that matter fish of any kind.

Seems to me that manufacturer Accoutrements could have put a little more effort into this stuff. After all, Jelly Belly manages to get some pretty damn convincing and disgusting flavors with those Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans they make - Vomit, Rotten Egg, Sardines, and Dirt spring to mind as being very very authentic.

Resist temptation and pass these up if you see them.


Andrew said...

I don't know if I could resist those things, based off the tins alone.

Eating The Road said...

Wow, you certainly have eyes, nose, tastebuds and stomach of steal. It would be hard for me even to find out that these weren't that offensive.