26 October, 2009

More Deals Coming Soon...

Five Below is opening a store in my hometown - the grand opening is set for early November. If you haven't heard of them, they're sort of a pumped-up dollar store; stuff in the shop sells for $1 to $5. Their target demographic is teens-plus, and their merchandise lineup includes categories that I'm always sniffing out such as noveties, beverages, snacks, and candies. They call it "trend-right" merchandise and, as is typical with job lot joints, there will be items that they carry as long as sales are decent, and other items that will come in with the latest remainders and closeouts and will never appear again.

With an Ocean State Job Lot close by, I am looking forward to some great deals on interesting stuff. Keep your eyes on the blog, because I bet Five Below will be joining my job lot source list along with Ocean State, Big Lots!, and Dollar Tree.


Five Below's website.


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