05 October, 2009

Porkie Pork Skins

These pork rinds have the BEST LOGO EVAR. Check out Porkie there. Friendly little guy, looks almost like a dog eh? And he's wearing a chef's hat, joining a long parade of cartoon piggies who cheerfully cavort in company logos, oblivious of their ultimate fate at the sharp end of a fork.

Great stuff, made by Evans Food Group of Chicago, a company that makes a huge variety of pork rinds and cracklins, both for their own brands and for distribution by others.


Andrew said...

I once found the blog of some PETA-style animal rights activist, and the whole thing was devoted to food labels that depict the animals being consumed. The guy would apparently travel around looking for restaurant signs with pictures of pigs and chickens, etc. He'd love this one!

Bea Elliott said...

Hello - I don't think Andrew, that this is a "peta style" animal rights group... But rather an abolitionist animal rights group --Big difference between "welfare" and "freedom"...

Anyway - the site is Suicide Foods:

Based around the concept of "happy meat"... You know, those animals that go willingly to the abittoir -To become someone's tasty meal.

Never touch the stuff myself --- Happy and healthy being vegan! :)