20 October, 2009

Want a Little Pork With That Fat?

Seems to me I remember Gwaltney as being a fairly decent brand when it came to pig products. So when I happened upon Gwaltney bulk sausage at what I thought was a good price, I picked up a chub to see if it was still any good.

Well, it isn't. Good sausage should be at least 20% fat for the flavor and moisture, but it was pretty obvious from looking at the slices that Gwaltney has far more than that - it appears to be at least 60%. The slices fry up soft and spongy and release a LOT of grease - the one-pound chub I fried gave me a couple tablespoons shy of a cup of fat.

Although the flavor wasn't too bad - mildly spicy, a pleasant mix of sage and pepper and not overly salty - the overall cheapness of the stuff is going to keep me from buying it again unless it's on really deep discount.


Gwaltney's website.

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Eating The Road said...

Yeah that would be better used as lard to fry up some tasty breakfasts.