04 June, 2010

The Veggie Garden, One Week Later

Between the warm sunny weather and the totally badass compost/peat moss soil mixture in the raised beds, the garden is going crazy.  Last week, after I was done setting the plants in the bed, I took a bunch of pics and posted them.  Last night I wandered through and took some more photos for comparison because it seemed like everything is realy taking off fast.  Check these out:

The Tumbling Tom tomato was filled
with blossoms last week.
Today, it's loaded with greenies. This
is probably the earliest I've ever had
tomatoes setting fruit.
Last week, the tomatoes were
so cute and little, they were just
This week, they're growing up
through the bottom wire rack. The
Celebrity hybrid and the Black Prince
Russian heirloom plants are flowering.

Here's the zucchini last week...

...and here's what it looks like now,
completely covering the tire.
Here's a representative cucumber
The cucumbers are getting bigger,
but of all the plants they're
growing the slowest. Still, they're
doing pretty well.
Last week, the long bed had lettuce
in the center, but nothing aboveground
to the left or right. We put onions on one
side, carrots and beans on the other.

Later, we added a border of
marigolds to keep the local rabbits out
of the lettuce.  In the picture at right,
you can see the onions are up in the
background, and the carrots are
sprouting like grass in the foreground.
We'll be doing some serious thinning
of that bed soon.

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Michael said...

Looks excellent.