10 June, 2010

Meat Pops

I bet when you saw the title "Meat Pops" you were thinking of some kind of frozen treat on a stick, right?  But no, the "Pops" part of "Meat Pops" refers to the way you can just pop 'em in your mouth.

Monterey Meat Pops are distributed by a company in the Phillipines called San Miguel Exports.  Check out the product description from the San Miguel website:

This blend of quality food ingredients is formulated to give the finished product a light batter on meat portions. It is lightly salted and has a pleasant aroma of fresh cereals.
 "A light batter on meat portions."  Awesome.  I seriously need to find some of these.


1 comment:

Andrew said...

I want some....
Looks like popcorn chicken...only with beef.