07 June, 2010

Chili Dogs

I have loved chili dogs ever since I was a kid and first tasted one at a local A&W drive-in.  I'm not really a purist about them - I don't spend a lot of time cooking up chili sauce or anything - and inexpensive canned chili works pretty well for me.

I open up a can of chili - Hormel's Chili With Beans works pretty good - and mash it well with a fork to mix up the beans and meat and sauce thoroughly.  Then I spoon it on top of hot dogs in buns.  It can get a little messy to eat, so have some napkins (or better yet, paper towels!) on hand and OM NOM NOM.

PS: It's kind of important to use the chili with beans.  Mashing up the beans gives this "shortcut chili sauce" a better flavor and good body.



Andrew said...

Coming from Detroit, I grew up on Coney Island restaurants....
Chili dogs and cheese fries -- at least once a week. This post made me very hungry.

Jen Cheung said...

woah! never tried this! looks delicious!! MmmMmm!