25 June, 2010

Crayon Shin-Chan snacks

I love Asian snacks. They usually come in a wider variety of flavors and shapes than American snacks. They're also sometimes not as sweet, which is a huge plus, and most of them don't use HFCS like American snacks do. And, an added bonus is that they have the opportunity to license some of my favorite anime shows, unlike American snacks.

Take these Korean-produced Crayon Shin-chan snacks, for example. I'd been a fan of Shin-chan since its American licensing by FUNimation, despite that I usually hate dubs. But because of the differences for licensing in America and in other areas of the world, I'd never be able to see these snacks in, say, Stop and Shop or other big chain stores. I'll have to settle for the catch-as-catch-can imports of Asian markets here.

The snacks themselves come in rings that taste a lot like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and are coated with a honey-cinnamon glaze. Black sesame seeds are dotted on the each piece, probably mixed in with the glaze itself, and gives a kind of nutty, smoky flavor to them when eaten.

But those aren't the only snacks with Shin on the label:

He's also on a slightly less-interesting snack involving cookie sticks that can be dipped in chocolate frosting. What makes these fun, though (more fun than their Japanese Yan-Yan counterparts) is that they come with sprinkles. Yep, you heard that right. Sprinkles.

I'm sure that there's more out there that Shin's been featured on. I just haven't found them yet. But, even if there hasn't been anything, I'll take my Asian imported Shin-Chan snacks over the lame Lucky Charms knockoffs and waxlike fruitsnacks that license most American properties any day.


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Anonymous said...

I made a recent purchase of the Shin-Chan snacks, and I really enjoyed them. They are sweet, crunchy, and come in neat shapes. I will most certainly make another purchase in the near future.