02 June, 2010

Pacific Natural Foods Organic Free Range Chicken Broth

Full disclosure:  One of the very first things my mother ever taught me in the kitchen was how to make stews, soups, stocks, and broths.  I've been making them as long as I can remember.  I hardly ever buy prepared broth because it's so easy to make (especially with a pressure cooker) and my homemade is far superior to anything I've ever bought.

Okay, that's over with and I can give you my review of Pacific Natural Foods Organic Free Range Chicken Broth.  It doesn't taste like chicken.  It doesn't taste like anything, really, except maybe dishwater.  I've never had such flavorless, bodyless, flaccid so-called "broth" in all my life.  Unfortunately, I'm almost certain to have it again because at the same time I bought the chicken broth I also bought Pacific Natural Foods Beef and Vegetable Broths and given how bad this one is, I have no hope that the others will be any better.

I have no excuse for buying so many cartons of broth except that  occasionally I need broth on the spur of the moment, so I try to keep at least one or two commercially-prepared containers on hand.  I bought Pacific Natural because they were a really good price and "organic" products are usually so much better than "standard" versions.  Hah.  Not in this case.  It's pretty bad when the only way you can "save" a commercial carton of chicken broth is to add Knorr chicken powder and a dash of MSG to it.

I'm going to stick with the Wolfgang Puck broths from now on.



LaVidaMD said...

Have you tried Better Than Bouillon?


It's not a perfect solution (I think it's a little too heavily seasoned), but it takes up less shelf space than cartons of broth.

Dave said...

Yes, I use Better Than Bouillon as a seasoning and I have three flavors in my fridge - Clam, Chicken, and Vegetable. Thanks for the suggestion!

Unknown said...

Once I bought their French Onion soup- never again!!! My recipe is from my Dad and takes awhile but is well worth it. That stuff was NASTY- Grunter took one sip and made this horrible face- it even smelled foul! What a waste of good swiss cheese and french bread!

However- their roasted red pepper/tomato soup is really good!