17 June, 2010

Steer Sticks (A Dog Treat)

They're called "Steer Sticks" and the tag on them says "Dogs ♥ ♥ ♥ Them."  The tag also said that the sole ingredient was Bull Pizzle.  How awesome is that?  It didn't look very pizzly - just a long piece of rawhide with some meaty stuff inside.   I bought one  labeled "Extra Large;  to my human nose, it didn't smell like anything special.  Not that I'd really be able to tell (I'm not really an authority on animal penes.)  But when I took it out of the bag at home, I immediately had Zim's attention.

He took the snack and trotted off into the living room to relax with his delicious pizzle and he had it chowed down within a half hour.


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