24 June, 2010

Kielbasa on the Grill

Here are some things I really like about summertime:
  • My trusty Weber kettle grills, which save me from having to stand in a hot kitchen over a hot stove.
  • Hardwood charcoal, which burns hot and clean and which I prefer over briquettes or propane.
  • Awesome kielbasa, made right in my hometown by the Janik Sausage Company, which has been in business here since the 1920's.
And here are my summertime wishes for you:
  • That even if you have an air-conditioned kitchen, you take an occasional opportunity to cook outdoors this summer
  • That you are happy and content with your choice of cooking medium, whether you prefer charcoal, briquettes, or gas
  • That you too have a locally owned and operated company that makes and smokes their own sausages so that you don't have to settle for a lowest-common-denominator national product.


Marc said...

Dave, Does Janik have unsmoked kielbasa available? I occasional get ones from Chicopee Provisional (Blue Seal) and smoke them myself. Not sure why (maybe because its smoked, cooked and served in one step) but it's outstanding.

Dave said...

Janik only sells their kielbasa smoked, but you can get "fresh" - i.e. unsmoked - kielbasa from Grote & Weigel in the supermarket, or from the Polish Deli on Alden Avenue in Enfield.

Andrew said...

I've been grilling every weekend for the past two months....
I'll follow your suggestions.

Anonymous said...

We had Janik kielbasa recently and loved it but cannot find it in stores near us in NY. Do you know if it's available online?

Dave said...

I don't think that Janik sells their kielbasa online. However, here is their contact information:

Janik Sausage Co.
136 Hazard Avenue
Enfield, CT 06082-4520
(860) 749-4661

Drop them a line or give them a call, and maybe they will sell and ship you some over the phone.