08 June, 2010

Salami Flavored Rye Crackers

Lynnafred writes:

Over the weekend at Victory International Supermarket (the ethnic Russian market in nearby West Springfield) a strange new snack caught my eye. The package had a drawing of a salami on it, and showed some kind of breadsticks on the bottom. Never one to pass something strange and new up, Dave and I threw them in our basket.

The little bread sticks measure at about a half an inch each and don't appear - at first glance - to have any kind of coating on them. But pop one into your mouth, and - BAM! - they certainly do taste like a salami. Actually, they taste like a salami sandwich on sour rye bread. I can't say that I was a fan of them, though Dave seemed to like them just fine.

I thought that, in addition to tasting like a sourdough rye, the salami flavor was kind of cheap tasting, like one of those salamis that're sold in the mall right before Christmas. I found them all around unappealing; the flavor was kind of nasty and left an aftertaste, though they smelled really good.

Dave writes: 

The crackers are similar to rusk or zwieback bread; strips of twice-baked rye flavored like salami.  The brand name, три  Корочки, or "Three Crusts" obviously refers to the three cartoon characters around the logo.

Anyway, they're wicked crunchy, a bit salty, and there is no question but that they taste like salami.  Though Lynnafred didn't care for them, I liked 'em


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