22 June, 2010

Strolling Through the Garden

I'm going to bore you all with more pictures of the garden.  We've been harvesting salad greens for nearly a month now, believe it or not, and this morning I picked our first "real" vegetables - zucchini - before leaving for work.

Pickling cucumbers are setting fruit.
The lettuce is doing great!  I've cut a couple of heads and will probably be cutting more this week to allow a couple of these to fully come to a head.  Meanwhile, I'm starting some heat-tolerant seeds so I can stretch "lettuce season" through until October.
Cubanelle pepper.  My bell peppers are flowering, but don't have any fruit yet.
Okay, this isn't really a veggie, but it is a potato flower.  The barrel is now full to the top with growing medium, the plants have broken through the top, and are flowering.  In another couple of weeks, I can start picking new potatoes...or I can wait until the plants die back in the fall and harvest a big barrel full of winter keepers.
Zucchini.  The big ones in this picture were picked right after I put the camera away.
I can't wait until my first batch of tomatoes are ready.  I'm going to make BLTs with 100% homemade ingredients:  Home-grown tomatoes and lettuce, bacon from my own cure and smoker, and bread fresh from the oven.

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