28 June, 2010

Gaiser's Fine Mother Goose Liver Spread

I bought this small chub of liver spread at Victory International Market in West Springfield, a local Russian/Eastern European specialty supermarket.  I'm always up for trying a new pate or liver spread, and this one was appealing for many reasons - I love the graphics on the label, I'm a sucker for chicken liver, and the price was really reasonable. It seemed to be a win all around.

And so it was!  The ingredients listed pork, chicken liver, and veal.  Cutting into the chub revealed a soft and buttery-smooth spread, delicately seasoned to bring out a subtle liver flavor - well-rounded and balanced with the more assertive pork flavor.  Quite honestly, it tasted like a much more expensive pate.  I enjoyed it for several days as a breakfast spread on toast, but it was good enough to be served as an appetizer for company (you could disguise its humble origins by packing the pate into a cute little ramekin, garnishing it with a few slivered onion rings, and centering it on a serving platter with an assortment of savory crackers.)

Gaiser's Inc., of Union NJ, doesn't seem to have a website, but they are an American company with a tradition of making authentic Eastern European sausage specialties.  Victory International carries quite a few of Gaiser's products, and I was pleased enough with the Mother Goose spread that I won't hesitate to try something else by them.



Chrystal said...

That is by far my favorite brand of liverwurst EVER. My family is Ukrainian so my grandmother always picks up a tube for me when she goes to the Eastern European food store. I love to eat it on German rye bread as a sandwich.

Unknown said...

My question do the maker stamp expiration date on the package ? Ok, this is my story, I have went to store and wanted to purchase mother goose liver spread. So I went to the place where bunch of them laying in the refrigerator, I noticed there are no expiration date, so I ask the clerk that the meat product should be coming with expiration date, she smiled and said yeah, "but this is fresh" how do you know ? Any way I purchased two packs and eat half of a pack it was that good. But later that day I start having stomach discomfort and then I could not sleep, my kedney started to hurt, lots of problems. I try to stay calm, but now this is bothering me, should I report this to FDA department or health department ? They must have expiration date, how long can this lay if refrigerator before it should be freezed ?