12 June, 2010

Terror at Dollar Tree

Oh Dollar Tree, how I love you.  Your bizarre selection of frozen and refrigerated foods, your eclectic collection of snacks, your strange assortment of off-brand (and occasional name-brand) canned goods. It's like food blogger heaven.  And then, of course, there are the toys.

Outdoor play season is upon us, and so are outdoor toys, like these Toy Story-themed sand molds.  The best thing about sand molds is that most of the finer details of the character are on the inside of the mold, where the sand is actually pressed into the expected shape (Buzz and Woody, in this example.)  The toy manufacturers leave just enough detail on the outside of the mold so you can tell who the toys represent by looking at the outside of them, attached to a cardboard hangtag for point-of-sale display. 

Sometimes, this lack of detail results in some creepy stuff, though, like ZOMBIE BUZZ and ZOMBIE WOODY:

ZOMBIE BUZZ is less-sinister of the two.  He kind of looks like a demented Uncle Fester - almost more comical than evil, but look at that leer on his face.  He's either imagining what you look like naked, or he's thinking about cracking your head open and sipping on a spoonful of your delicious brains.
ZOMBIE WOODIE, though - that's a different story.  He's pretty terrifying.  You just know that raised fist is poised to beat you into unconsciousness.  That maniacal grin tells the whole story.

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Andrew said...

All of the best, most interesting things can be found at the Dollar Tree....