09 June, 2010

Cowboy Brand Quick Fire Lump Charcoal

This is going to be a short review.

  • Just the right amount of hardwood charcoal to do a big ol' batch of burgers and dogs, or a handful of porterhouse steaks, or a grill full of chops or chicken.
  • Easy to light. The charcoal is coated with a thin film of paraffin.  Light the corners of the bag, wait about 10 minutes, cook food.
  • I don't get my hands all filthy and stuff filling up a charcoal chimney to get the coals ready.
  • The stuff's pretty damn expensive for a single-use package.
Bottom Line:
  • I like it, it works good, I wish it were cheaper.
  • The end. (Told ya it was going to be a short review.)

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