17 April, 2010

Out of the Can: Corned Beef Hash

I'm fascinated by the way tinned meat products look fresh out of their shiny steel and aluminum cocoons, which is one reason why, when I review a canned meat, I always try to include a photo of it immediately after being decanted.

This is corned beef hash.  I don't remember the brand (it's not Mary Kitchen, it's a cheaper "house brand," but I can't recall which one.)  Look at that jacket of creamy white fat surrounding the hash. It looks almost like fondant.  Très magnifique, non?



Anonymous said...

YUK. Just yuk,

Eric M said...

A part of me wants to say "That's disgusting"

But my inner foodie is shouting "That's the good part!" and keeps the other part of me from speaking up.