02 April, 2010

The KFC Double Down Sandwich Goes Nationwide

This screencap was taken 1 April 2010

April 12.  Mark your calendars.  On April 12, KFC begins selling the Double Down Sandwich nationwide.  Regular readers here know that the Double Down is the single most bad-assed sandwich in the fast food industry:  two boneless white meat filets surrounding two slices of cheese and two slices of delicious bacon.  And there's something new:  You can get your Double Down made with your choice of the Colonel's original fried chicken, or the new KFC grilled chicken.

This sandwich is so awesome that it inspired no fewer than three road trips from our home in Enfield to KFC stores in their Rhode Island test market during the summer of 2009.

Guess where I'm going to be on April 12?


Thanks for the heads-up, Gene.


Andrew said...

Just awesome.

J. Astro said...

This is FANTASTIC news!

Anonymous said...

I eat at the local KFC once in a bluemoon. But this looks like way too much food to get through. I have always liked the original recipe the best of all their offerings. I once saw a KFC with tables, tablecloths, Real silverware, and waiters. BUT the food was priced out of my range so did not try it.
Hope you enjoy your meal!!

Fred in SC.

http://www.ehow.com/members/stevemar2-articles.html said...

The new KFC Double Down sandwich looks and sounds delicious! I think I'll go grab one or two for lunch today!

Amy said...

Dave, am a CT local and love your blog. Thought you'd enjoy this NPR article. Long live the Double Down!

Dave said...

Amy - Thanks for passing along the NPR link. That was great.

TomW said...

I thought you might enjoy this image: