18 April, 2010

100 Years Ago Today - An Ad for The Mohican Co. Grocery Store, New London CT

This ad originally appeared in the April 18, 1910 edition of the New London Day:  (April 18 fell on a Monday that year, which is why the specials listed were for Tuesday and Wednesday.)  The Mohican Company was an early chain of grocery stores (and later, supermarkets) with locations in Pennsylvania, New York, and New England.  In 1956, they merged with the J. E. Kelley supermarket chain, eventually becoming a Kelley subsidiary (a chain which itself faded from the scene some time ago.)

Tastes have changed a bit in 100 years, eh?  It's hard to find sliced dried beef these days (both Hormel and Armour brands dried beef are made of "chopped and formed" beef these days, alas.)  And it's hard enough to find fresh beef tongue these days without the added trouble of finding it corned.  By the way, corned tongue tastes just like the best corned beef you've ever had, but with a nicer texture and quite a bit less fat.

I find it interesting that canned corn, tomatoes, and string beans could be had for 22 cents a can.  I wish they listed the size of the can.  Stop & Shop every now and then runs sales on canned vegetables, and during the sales, cans of corn or string beans can be as low as five for a dollar (20 cents each.)



LoyalTubist said...

Corned Pig's Feet...
Sounds like the poor thing couldn't find a pair of shoes that would fit!


Fropa Jones said...

I live clear on the other side of CT (Danbury) and there is usually a pretty good assortment of animal parts (pig feet, beef tongue, etc...) in the stores around here. I find a fresh beef tongue to be both fascinating and horrifying.

Anonymous said...

They have corned beef tongue at the deli counter at the Price Chopper near me, I don't know how much it costs though.

tree ocean said...

I was surprised out how cheap a loaf of wheat bread was (3 cents).. at that ratio, figuring a loaf today at $3, would mean onions at $6 lb and spinach at $16 lb...wow