27 April, 2010

Pulled Pork at Backyard BBQ, Enfield CT

My hometown has a brand-new barbecue take-out place.  It's called Backyard BBQ, and it's at the intersection of Brainard and Washington Roads in the north end of town, close to the state line.

I drive by that storefront every day on my way to work, and because there's been some activity there in recent weeks, I was keeping an eye on the site.  Glad I did, too, because they opened their doors Sunday.

Backyard BBQ is take-out only - the store is on the small side and most of it is kitchen, with a service area up front.  They have an amazingly delicious-looking selection of pastries on one side of the store, and a mouth-watering hot food service on the other side.  The mains include Half BBQ Chicken, BBQ spare ribs, pulled pork, and Angus beef sliders. (a limited menu, perhaps, but I'm sure they're keeping it simple for the nature of the place and to see how well it takes off.)  For this first visit, I chose to keep it simple and order something that I knew would give me a good indication of their quality - a pulled pork sandwich.

The photo doesn't do it justice.  As served, the pulled pork is absolutely marvelous - tender shredded pork with the occasional gorgeous chunk, slow-cooked over a hardwood charcoal fire, perfectly proportioned to the sauce it was served with.  This isn't the kind of place that serves you a pot of sauce with some pork swimming around in it, you get the real deal here.  The pork is piled high on a soft bulky roll, and I ordered extra sauce which was liberally doled out on the meat before the sandwich is crowned with the top half of the bun.  Let me tell you, it was pigmeat heaven.  These guys know their pork.  The only thing  that was a bit disappointing was the lack of bread-and-butter pickles for a sandwich topper, but I bet they add that to the menu as more people ask for them (and besides, I had some at home so we added our own.)

In short, I was favorably impressed with Backyard BBQ, and I'll be going back to try some more of their offerings - this Friday, for example, I plan to pick up some chicken and ribs for supper.  I also saw some really good-looking Greek spinach pie in the display case.  Might have to get some of that as well.

Backyard BBQ
240 Brainard Road
Enfield CT 06082
Take-out only



dale said...

Sounds good. Makes me think of Pioneer Beef -- where we took you guys during picnic at our house couple years ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, I picked up a menu yesterday and can't wait to try it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I plan on trying it tonight. They should list their sides & time of business on the menu. :)

Anonymous said...

Best pulled pork sandwich I have had since I have been back from North Carolina... I didn't know you could get great southern BBQ in the great white north.

Anonymous said...

Great BBQ.... huge ribs with tons of meat. All the sides were fantastic. Highly recommend. They have the best baked beans I have ever had.

datzme49 said...

sounds great...i've been looking for a bbq joint in the western mass/ct area for a couple of years now...i'll have to give it a try...but...no bbq restaurant should be serving greek spinach pie, no matter how good it is!!! keep it honest and just do GREAT bbq!!!

Dave said...

Sorry, datzme49, but Backyard BBQ is no more - they closed down last year.