15 April, 2010

Geier's Hausmacher Brand Liver Sausage

I buy canned meats and pates and stuff like that all the time, so when I saw a handful of these Geier’s Hausmacher Liver Sausage cans on the shelf during Shaw’s final hours of business, I was immediately interested. It wasn’t just the deeply discounted going-out-of-business price, either. There was something about the retro-style label and plump golden can promising pork-livery goodness that called out to me.

This is what it looked like, tipped out onto a plate. If you’ve never seen what canned pate looks like, feel free to be horrified. The stuff virtually never looks very attractive right out of the container; luckily, the looks don’t have anything to do with the taste. And that taste is…delicious! The taste is big and bold, a nice blend of assertive pork liver and meaty pig bits. The relatively coarse grind lends an interesting texture as well. Accompanied by toasted pumpernickel bread, thin slices of onion, coarse German mustard, and freshly-grated horseradish, the liver sausage made an awesome lunch.



BarbieIQue said...

Thanks Dave. You just touched off my craving for a fried livermush sandwich.

If you ever journey southward to the Carolinas, bring your cooler and stock up on some Neese's products.


Mighty fine, indeed.

Dave said...

BarbieIQue - I love Neese's stuff. Their scrapple is top notch.