30 April, 2010

Krakus Vegetable Salad No. 4

My family has been a fan of Krakus products for a while now - the local supermarkets have been carrying their canned products for at least a few years now to cater to our growing Eastern European community, and local delis have sold imported Krakus ham for as long as I can remember - and so far, we haven't been disappointed.  The other day, with hot dogs scheduled for supper, I was looking for something that would be along the lines of sauerkraut to serve with them, but at the same time, different.  Vegetatble Salad "No. 4." caught my eye and seemed to fit the bill.

It was no easy choice, actually.  Krakus puts up quite an extensive line of Vegetable Salads, each of them different than the next.  "No. 4"  has cabbage, pickled cucumbers, onion, and shredded carrot in a brine well-balanced between tangy vinegar and mildly sweet sugar.  I piled a bunch of it on top of my hot dog and liked it better than sauerkraut.  Quite tasty.

Other Krakus vegetable salads include one with red pepper (sweet red bell pepper I suspect),  Hungarian Style (lots of shredded carrot and mustard seed with a good dose of paprika), a standard vegetable salad (no cucumbers, I think), and one variety made of shredded beets and apples (very good when served with pork.  I haven't gotten around to writing that one up yet.)

Strangely enough, Krakus' website doesn't mention any of their vegetable salads, concentrating instead upon the product which is the most famous in the American marketplace, their excellent hams.  Too bad, because I think Americans could develop a taste for the salads if they were given a chance and slapped in the eyeballs with a few advertisements.


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