01 May, 2010

Seagram's Escapes - Peach Fuzzy Navel Flavored Cooler

I hardly know where to begin in describing this beverage.  Like most bottled drinks of its kind, which are meant to sort of imitate "real" cocktails, it's alcoholic without containing any hard liquor.  No, these drinks are actually pretty closely related to beer - they are malt beverages, fermented without hops to avoid too much of a beery taste, then sugared up and flavored to appeal to, I guess, a younger demographic.  One that has grown up drinking Coke and Mountain Dew and which doesn't care for the bitterness of hops or the full body of a "real beer."

So, with that part understood, and accepting this Seagram's Peach Fuzzy Navel for what it is, I will tell you this:  it's pretty good.  Refreshing, even, in the same sort of way you might be refreshed by a soft drink.  It's lightly carbonated, somewhat more sweet than I'd like but that's the nature of the beast I guess, and it tastes like a juicy fresh peach (albeit with a very slight back taste of malty brew.).  They go down easy.  On a warm spring evening, standing over the grill and keeping an eye on the hot dogs, the Fuzzy Navel is a great quaff. 

That leads me to another point.  The Fuzzy Navel is fairly low in alcohol content at 3.2% alcohol by volume.  It's sweet peachiness and gentle fizz make it easy to guzzle, and therefore easy to pound down quite a few without feeling the alcohol sneaking up on you.  3.2 or not, if you drink enough of them in a short enough time, you're going to feel it.  It's up to you to decide whether it's worth paying premium alcohol prices for a mildly-intoxicating alcopop.



Anonymous said...

I laughed at the description of the Peach Fuzzy Navel Flavored Cooler. It described both the drink itself and me exactly!!! I detest beer, don't care much for wine (always tastes somewhat bitter to me), but recently picked up a 4-pack of the Fuzzy Navels at my local RiteAid and am now hooked. I love them and get a very nice little buzz after only one (yes, I'm a cheap date). I also love coke and mountain dew so that part was right on also. Thanks for making me and my co-workers laugh as I read your review out loud to them.

Anonymous said...

i haved those before they are way to good wishi i could have them again to make a float with them :p

Anonymous 2014 said...

Just had one and it is just as others described. Tastes like a soda with a slight beer aftertaste. I found it delicious as I do not care for the taste of most alcoholic drinks or straight beer. I did experience a slight buzz even after drinking it slowly while eating dinner. Love the refreshing taste!