05 May, 2010

Fishy Delights 37: Almond Fish

Behold Almond Fish, another in the series of strange and unusual snacks sent to me in a CARE package from Stephanie in Shanghai. Almond Fish are exactly as the name implies:  Tiny whole dried silver minnows and slivered almonds, lightly seasoned and ready to eat.

Almond Fish are delicious and very satisfying, especially if you really like fish as I do.  The dried fishies are crispylicious and very slightly sweet - I suspect they're sprayed with a weak sugar solution before they're processed - and the almonds compliment the flavor nicely.  Strongly flavored but in a pleasant "clean" fishy way, I found them to be much more delicious than the dried eel I reviewed earlier.

Here's what you get inside the package (dime not included, I put that there so you can get a sense of scale.)  You can see that the quantity of almonds and fish are well-balanced, so you never have to get stuck eating just one or the other near the end of the pouch.  Cracker Jack could learn a thing or two from Almond Fish - they never put enough peanuts in.

I noticed something else:  Tiny dried fish seem to be most fragile right  behind the head.  If you sort of just randomly eat Almond Fish by nomming little portions pinched out of the bag, you wind up with a bunch of little tiny fish heads in the bottom of the pouch.  They're still tasty and crunchy, though, so you might consider this to be a kind of "saving the best for last" situation especially if you're really into fish heads.

As usual with this kind of snack, I couldn't get Maryanne or Lynnafred interested in trying them.  Actually, I couldn't get either of them to stop calling them "disgusting."  Zim, however, is always up for a new flavor experience (especially when it tastes of fish) so here's a gratuitously goofy-looking picture of him enjoying a crispy fish.


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Stephanie/Sproffee said...


These were actually the weird food that inspired me to send you another package. I'm glad you enjoyed them!

And that is an adorable picture of Zim and his inner goofiness.