29 May, 2010

Kosciusko Beer Mustard

Looking for a mustardy change of pace?  This might be just the thing you're looking for.  Kosciusko Beer Mustard is a spicy brown mustard which is 45% amber lager beer.  It comes in a grey plastic spoonable "jar," and it's pretty damn awesome.

I was in Ocean State Job Lot at the beginning of the week trying to find mustard.  Spcifically, I was trying to find Roland Dijon mustard, which is imported from France, absolutely delicious, and approximately 34 times better than Grey Poupon.  Unfortunately, my local OSJL didn't have any Dijon mustard.  But they did have Kosciusko, which is made by Plochman's.  Lynnafred spotted it and tossed me a jar.  "Have you ever heard of 'beer mustard?'" she asked.

Well, I hadn't, not until right then that is, but I knew I had to bring some home.

There is no mistaking this mustard for any other kind.  The beer aroma is strong when the jar is opened, and a small taste confirms it:  Plochman really does use beer to make it, and although they don't specify what brand, they're obviously using a real brew and not some crappy keg dregs.  You can taste the hops and the malt with every bite, and it's truly unique.  And truly delicious on almost every variety of tubesteak I've tried it on.


Plochman's Mustard website - Includes a webstore where you can buy Beer Mustard, along with other Plochman products.


Brent Reader said...


If you're a fan of all things mustard, or if you just enjoy unique attractions, this place is worth the trip to Wisconsin!


Unknown said...

This mustard is, quite possibly, the most quintessential flavor-additive for almost any kind of deli or stadium food..

I've had a jar for lord knows how long used for hot-dogs, steaks, and brats.. Well, I just threw it on an Asiago cheese roll with ham, swiss, mustard and pepper and a bit of diced onion and I don't think I've had a better sandwich.

Fred Ball said...

Howdy Dave,

I tried to find a store within 50 miles of my place but no luck. So I broke down and ordered it from Amazon.com. Had to order a case. Boy am I glad I did!!!! This is by all standards the best mustard I have ever tasted and I have had beer mustards before. Thanks for the heads up!!

Fred in SC