25 May, 2010

Introducing The Pickled Pig

If you're into charcuterie, check out this brand-new blog:  The Pickled Pig.  Blogger Cole Marvin's stated goal is to cure his way through Ruhlman's Charcuterie, one recipe at a time, kind of like Julie & Julia only with lots of pigmeat and without annoying, whiney Amy Adams.

A noble effort, indeed, and one well worth the time (both for Cole, and for us as we follow along.)   Now's a great time to start following, too, because The Pickled Pig is only a few posts out from it's launch - we're getting in on the ground floor.  Also, Cole is making bacon, a subject which is always interesting.
You'll find The Pickled Pig from the link up in the first line of this post, and there's a permanent link on my blogroll in the right-hand sidebar (blogs with new posts always go to the top of the roll, so you can stay up to date easily.) 


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