29 April, 2010

Fishy Delights 36: G'Day Gourmet Tomato and Onion Tuna

While shopping at Ocean State Job Lot, Dave and I stumbled upon these cans of "Australian style tuna" called G'Day Gourmet. The shape of the cans amused me - they have the same upside-down can layout that cat food brand Fancy Feast does - so it immediately led to cat food jokes while we walked through the store. At a buck a can, they looked to be a sufficient lunch size, so I decided I'd give them a go.

When I opened the can up, the first thing I noticed was that it had decent sized chunks of onions throughout the tuna. It also had small, pale pieces of tomato swimming on top. And mixed within the tuna was a strange, sweet-tasting watery stuff.

The Fancy Fea-- I mean tuna -- tasted like it was swimming in cheap barbecue sauce. The tomatoes and onions were accented with vinegar and that annoying something sweet was probably covered under the "natrual flavors." Unfortunately, a lot of the tuna's flavor was drowned out with the sweet-vinegary-tomatoey flavors going on. I can definitely see why this flavor was in a job lot.



Chrystal said...

I lived in Australia for 6 months and I lived on flavored tuna in a can, crackers and Nutella. It wasn't that brand but I really miss the flavored tunas that we don't have here. My favorite was the cracked black pepper tuna, they also had garlic and a sun dried tomato flavor that I was fond of.

Lynnafred said...


I think that the tuna would have been really good if it hadn't been so sweet. I was expecting something more savory.