17 April, 2010

Healthy Frozen Meals: Healthy Choice Spicy Caribbean Chicken

I love jerk chicken. I usually make it at home with some chicken breast that I fry up with onions all coated in jerk seasoning and serve with rice. Real jerk chicken? Probably not. Delicious with a spicy Caribbean kick? Most definitely. More than I like the spice of Caribbean seasonings, though, I loive the flavor they give things. Spicy and savory with a kick of sweet, it's always been like a carnival for my mouth. So I had picked up this Healthy Coice meal with the expectation of the same jerk flavor that I already knew I liked.

I can't say that I'm disappointed with this meal. It's strongly flavored - one could almost say that it's overseasoned - with allspice, black and red pepper, and cardamom as the leading notes. Unfortunately for me, it was more of a 'mild' than a 'spicy,' but it was still extremely enjoyable. It's mostly a rice and black bean concoction, with corn and the chicken added in on top, as well as chunks of pineapple to give it a sweet, fruity kick that works well with the other sweet-tasting spices. The rice was kind of strange - a bit spongy - but wasn't over or undercooked, and the chicken was tender, juicy, and held the brunt of the spices, like it had been rubbed before cooking. Delicious.

I'd get this meal again if it was on sale, definitely. With a good mix of pretty authentic spices, Healthy Choice does jerk seasoning some justice...in a healthy way.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories: 310 (20 from fat)
Total Fat: 2g
Sodium: 290mg


Andrew said...

I've been waiting for a truly good jerk chicken frozen meal....
Looks like this is my best bet so far.

Frozen Meal Chef said...

I love it! I have been looking for this recipe for quite a while now but could not find a good one. Thank you! I find frozen meals convenient and yumm yumm as well! :)

sweetnd said...

I loved this dish, but it's almost too sweet for my liking. I would love to make this at home minus the sugar overload of course.