12 April, 2010

Left Behind At The Supermarket - A Photo Essay

Saturday afternoon was unusually busy at Stop and Shop here in town.  I'm guessing that Stop & Shop has picked up a lot of former Shaw's customers - especially shoppers who don't want to go to the local Big Y because that's the most expensive market in town.

Whatever the reason, Stop & Shop was jammed, and as we strolled through picking up a few things, we noticed an unusually large number of items abandoned here and there througout the store.  It's common for people to change their minds about purchasing stuff, and when they do they seem to just stick it on the shelf anywhere.  There were so many of them this time, though, that I started snapping pictures of them as we walked along.

Ham and baked beans have been BFFs forever. No wonder these beans
wanted to chill with the hams.
Sesame Noodles abandoned in the refrigerated section with the chicken pot pies.
A tub of Yoplait yogurt wonders why someone would abandon it with ham steaks and
prepared foods.
Naughty little Helluvagood Dip, wandering amongst the wieners.
Butter, cheese, and thin-sliced pork for stirfry.  I wonder if this was dropped
off by the same person who left the Sesame Noodles in the pot pies?
Near the shredded cheeses, there is a plastic tub where Stop & Shop sells an inexpensive regional
brand of pizza dough.  This is, apparently, a favorite place to leave things one no longer wishes
to purchase.  Someone dropped off a package of the more-expensive Stop & Shop brand dough.
And a tub of Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  And some sliced cheese.  And some Baby Bel
cheese rounds from near the deli.

Stop & Shop keeps a display of Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion Soup right next to the sour
cream, hoping shoppers will impulsively decide to make some dip.  It's also a convenient
place to drop off unwanted loaves of rye bread.
A kid's toy, nestled in with the bread.
Butternut squash peeks out from the bread section.
Marie Callender's Turkey Breast With Stuffing was left behind in the veggie section.
At least the moron was considerate enough to keep it in the freezer.


Anonymous said...

I am soooo guilty of this... but not with toys.. i giggled all the way through this blog...

Henry O. said...

After deciding that i don't want it anymore, I can't imagine just leaving something wherever the hell i want. Seems strange to me.

Also, i can't believe it's taken me this long to comment, this has been one of my favorite places on the internet since Alice over at Bread & Honey linked it months ago. Keep up the awesome blogging.

Kate said...

Oh man I haven't seen that bad in ages. That's probably because I rarely do the shopping and when i do its at Costco...

lunaburning said...

While doing my grocery shopping at Walmart, I decided against purchasing a certain item already in my cart. Because it was a frozen item, I felt bad just leaving it out on the shelf, so I took it back to it's proper place in the frozen foods section, and put it back on the shelf. Two different employees made it a point to come over and shake my hand and to thank me for returning the item to it's proper location. Since then, I've always returned everything exactly where I found it.