20 April, 2010

KFC Double Downs

Foreground above:  My delicious and awesome KFC Double Down, which I had for lunch.

Background above:  Colonel Harland David Sanders, looking a little pissed off, which is probably for two reasons:  First, KFC turned him into a crappy-looking cartoon icon/logo with a dumbass combover and a red aprom, neither of which he had in real life.  Second, he's dead and can't enjoy a Double Down.  All he can do is glare at me from his brown paper bag.


Unknown said...

Dave- for once I knew about something cool before my son "Grunter" and hubbie "Putz"!
So when I had to work late last friday night I called home and suggested that they mozey over to the local KFC and partake of these.
Thinking that they were doing me a favor they also got one for me. Now, 50+ mom's don't usually eat this kind of fare, but I cut it in 1/3'ds and put a part on the bikkie. Surprizingly good- nice spice in the breading and moist.
At a whopping 6.99 each here on Wisconsin's lakeshore it will be up to them to spend their hard earned $$ on them- I'll stick to the bikkies!


Dave said...

Hahahahaha - "Grunter" and "Putz!" You're a good mom, pointing them to such a delicious sandwich. Which, despite the outrage and indignant puffery coming from some of the media, isn't all that bad for you at only 540 calories. The sodium count is kind of high, though. Still, I don't make a regular diet of them and I don't recommend anyone else do, either.

Eric M said...

I went to a Tulsa area KFC and was pretty shocked at how small this sandwich was. I think they just took some of their bigger chicken tenders and used them instead of the standard issue patties. Wasn't too happy with it, but they seem pretty big elsewhere I look, so I assume I just got a store that was trying to save money by ripping off their customers.

Otherwise, a great sandwich, but my local KFC is a crotchety franchise who refuses to do the sandwich, so I have to drive twenty minutes to get to the nearest one!

Eric M said...

Also I find it hilarious how outraged people are with this sandwich, when, as far as fast food goes, it's not the worst for you and in some areas is among the best. Body builders are calling this their dream sandwich for good reason, as it has unreal amounts of protein, next to no carbs and low calories for fast food. The sodium and unsaturated fat are unreal, but those two things aren't as big of a deal as people make them out to be as long as you don't have health problems to begin with and watch how much you're intaking.

The truth is, this is the sandwich I've been waiting for since the ren and stimpy episode where ren is running a restaraunt and gets a guy a meat on meat sandwich.

Andrew said...

Almost one week since launch, and I have yet to try one....