28 January, 2010


French fried potatoes. Cheese curds. Brown gravy. Three simple ingredients, none of which are all that remarkable on their own. And yet, when hot fries are scattered with cheese curds and lovingly blanketed in gravy they transcend their humble selves and become poutine - perhaps Canada's single greatest contribution to the culinary world.

Poking around the local P-Chops a few days ago, I found something almost unheard of here in Connecticut: Cheese curds! Put up in tubs by New York State cheese company Yancy's Fancy, this particular variety of curd were pale yellow - nearly white - curdly chunks of unaged mild cheddar. I immediately bought them along with a bag of frozen crinkle-cut fries, took them home, and made poutine.

Poutine preparation is simple. Deep-fry your potatoes and quickly drain them. While they're still hot, tumble them onto a plate, or better yet into a medium-sized ramekin that can hold your chosen serving size. Scatter the hot fries with a handful of cheese curds and ladle over with hot gravy. Brown gravy is traditional, but use whatever you have (personally, I prefer a good pork gravy.) Then, grab a fork and OM NOM NOM.

If you can get your hands on some cheese curd, try it out. Seriously. You won't be sorry.


Eating The Road said...

Oh you're making me jealous. I have always always wanted to try poutine...but have yet to have the pleasure. I've seen many a good picture and heard many a good tale about it. I'll have to make it to the Great White North one of these days to really give it a go.

Andrew said...

I've been itching to try poutine for months now....
Would it still be considered poutine if I just melted some shredded cheese on to fried with gravy?

Hmmm, who cares? I'm gonna try that, anyway.

Dave said...

Andrew: Those little fresh mozzarella nuggets work great, too.

dale said...

I recall many years ago how delighted Carol Bryant became when I informed her that the PA Dutch markets around here tended to carry fresh curds. I've never made poutine, but I have enjoyed it multiple times.