23 January, 2010

Fishy Delights 27: Bar Harbor Wild Herring Fillets

I can't believe that it's taken me this long to write about Bar Harbor Foods' canned products; they are a pantry staple for me, especially the chowders and canned fish, and since this is the 27th entry in my "Fishy Delights" series, you'd think that I would have gotten to them sooner.

Anyway, today's review covers two of Bar Harbor Foods' Wild Caught Fish varieties: Wild Herring Fillets Seasoned with cracked pepper, and Wild Herring Fillets in Stone Ground Mustard Sauce. Both offer big meaty herring fillets and all-natural ingredients.

Wild Herring Fillets Seasoned with Cracked Pepper are delicious, with a lightly smoked flavor and lots of relatively fine-grained cracked black pepper. The pepper's natural fruitiness compliments the fish very well, and the spice comes through without being overwhelming. I loved them as is for lunch, but I'm betting these would be an awesome alternative to tuna in a salad-sandwich filling.

Wild Herring Fillets in Stone Ground Mustard Sauce are just as good. The mustard sauce wasn't harsh or obtrusive - again, it complimented the fish nicely without overpowering it. As with the cracked pepper fillets, I ate these as is for lunch, with some sesame flatbread crackers and paper-thin onion slices on the side. Excellent.

I've got some other Bar Harbor stuff to review as well, thanks to a sale at my favorite discount store, Ocean State Job Lot, and I'll try to get to them over the next few weeks.


Bar Harbor Foods website. The site includes a search page where you can find a store in your area carrying their products.



Battle Park said...

I too picked up a bunch of Bar Harbor chowders, fish and soups recently from OSJL. All were passable to good.

But - and I don't want to steal your thunder if you plan to blog about it - they Indian Pudding in a can was perhaps the worst thing I've ingested in the past few years.

Of course, it was probably very true to original Indian Puddings, but I live in 2010, not 1610. Awful, awful stuff.

Dave said...

Ha! I am planning to blog about it, but that's okay - forewarned is forearmed. I'll be comparing it to both my grandmother's recipe and the one served at Durgin Park in Boston, so the Bar Harbor version is going to have a tall hurdle to clear.