31 January, 2010

Quick Bresaola Update

I took the round roast out of the first cure stage today. The cryovac it was in was filled with meat juices and brine and the meat was starting to get firm, so the cure is doing its job. The meat was a vivid pink and smelled gorgeous with the thyme, rosemary, and juniper in the mix.

I rinsed it off with wine, patted it dry, and reapplied a fresh coating of cure, then resealed it in cryovac. It needs to stay for another five days or so, then I'll put it in a beef bung cap casing and hang it in the curing room in the attic with the capicola.

Pictures next week, when it comes out of the cure for the last time.



Anonymous said...

Waiting with 'bated breath to find out how it goes. Is there a way to do this sans cryovac equipment? (Which we don't have?)

Dave said...

Yes, you can do it without the vacuum sealer - just use one of those heavy zipper freezer bags, and press as much asir as possible out when you close the zipper.

You may have to cut the eye round into two pieces, but that's OK as well. Most of the recipes I found on the web call for about a 3-pound roast rather than the 6-pounder I'm working with.