24 January, 2010

Vintage Sunday: A Half Gallon of Ice Cream

Remember when ice cream came in foldable cardboard cartons that held half a gallon? I do. It's only been a couple years since ice cream got hit with the Supermarket Shrink Ray.

Anyway, these two ice cream cartons date from 1956. They're "new old stock" from the former Redman Dairy, which was at 384 Farmington Avenue in Bristol CT for more than 50 years (today the location hosts a bicycle shop.) Both of the cartons are brand new and were originally unfolded, just like they would have been before filling at the dairy. I folded the strawberry carton carefully, just enough so it could pose for the photo.

Although Redman Dairy is long gone, a small piece of it survives. The original 1940's-era soda fountain is still in operation at the Imagine Nation Children's Museum in Bristol.


Imagine Nation Children's Museum website.



Eating The Road said...

I still get my Shurfine ice cream in the 1/2 gallon boxes.

Scott Spolverino said...

Stewarts still has the fabled half-gallon ice creams available in every shop. They are, not surprisingly, delicious and cheap.


Dave said...

You guys are pretty lucky. I have to search mightily for full half-gallons of ice cream.

And Scott, I really wish that Stewarts would expand down here into Connecticut. I love those stores, and I stop at them whenever I'm visiting my family in Washington County.

Christina said...

The last time I looked (maybe back in the fall?) the Aldi "brand" ice cream was still in a half gallon box.