16 January, 2010

Sadness at KFC

Well, it's over.

On December 31, KFC quietly pulled the Double Down sandwich from the menu in their Providence RI test market. We found out because we had planned a road trip to the Westerly KFC on US1 this weekend. Just to be sure Double Downs were going to be available, Lynnafred phoned first.

LYNNAFRED: "Hi. I was wondering if you've still got Double Downs on the menu? Some friends and I were planning to stop in this weekend, but it's a long drive so we thought we'd call first."

KFC: "Um...I have to check. Where are you calling from?"

LYNNAFRED: "Enfield, Connecticut. We're about an hour and three-quarters away."

KFC: "Hahaha, wow, really? [pause] No, sorry, we stopped serving those on December 31. Seriously, you were going to drive that far for a Double Down? That's hardcore."

We're going to miss it. The Double Down was, quite simply, the single most badass sandwich in the fast food industry.



Eating The Road said...

Haha...that is hilarious...but I do not mean to laugh at your plight.

Andrew said...

This is horrible news....
I was hoping to try one of those things. I heard Dennis Miller talking about them on his radio show a few weeks ago. His argument was that it's not really a sandwich because no bread is involved. "It's just two pieces of chicken with stuff in the middle!" he said. I was like, "Whatever. I still want one."

J. Astro said...

:( Bummer. At least you got to try one, though. Our stupid KFC's here never got 'em, and I'd bet you just about anything something like that would be a huuuuuuge hit in the Midwest. We're fairly hearty eaters here, after all. :) Though I wonder what the cost overhead would be on KFC if the DoubleDown were to ever take off? They couldn't stay very inexpensive, I'd have to guess.

Anonymous said...

While this indeed is sad news, there (possibly) is a silver lining to this scenario. I too was cold calling the RI KFC's to see if the Double Down was still available and I received a Bad News/Good News/Great News conundrum.

The few KFC's I called had stopped selling them. Bad News nonetheless. But two restaurants (I didn't make a note of which ones, sorry) said while they did stop selling them outright, they did still have the ingredients to make them and would sell them, if one so desired. And you thought that that was the Great News, didn't you? Nope, just the Good.

The Great News is is that one "manager" had told me that though their test market had expired, he was told that in the near future (most likely 2010) that KFC was going ... wait for it people ... NATIONWIDE!!! Yessiree, you heard me correctly! They are going cross country with this baby, all across this great nation of ours! God Bless America!

Well, that's it folks. Hope you all sleep soundly tonight knowing what might be.

[Ed. Note- Please take this "news" with a huge grain of salt as it is just here-say and not etched in stone anywhere.]