21 January, 2010

Soup In A Tube

Awhile ago I bought a bunch of soup mixes packaged in cellophane tubes. I had almost forgotten about them until a couple days ago when I discovered them lurking in the bottom of an airtight container in the pantry. Because it was a cold and rainy day that afternoon, I figured it was a good time to try one out.

This particular variety, Goodman's Minestrone Vegetable Soup Mix, was the first one that came to hand when I reached into the tub, so that's the one that got cooked up.

Goodman's Minestrone is rather unlike any other minestrone I've had. It's got macaroni, yellow peas, corn, some dehydrated veggies, and lots of rice in the mix. Despite the difference from more traditional minestrone soups, it was very tasty and enjoyable and made a great lunch.

The prep was pretty simple - just boil some water, add the soup mix, and simmer until done - and I have to admit it was as good as any other packaged mix I've ever had. While that sounds like "damning with faint praise," I can assure you it really isn't. I enjoy many kinds of packaged soup mixes, especially Lipton's chicken noodle varieties, and I'd be happy to pick up more Goodman's soups to have on hand for quick soup fixes.


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bed frame said...

I also bought some of this and I like it so much because it is so easy to make.