09 September, 2012

Review: Carr's Salt & Cracked Pepper Flatbreads

Hey, remember a few years ago when flatbread crackers were all the rage until everyone realized that no matter what kind of seeds or salts or herbs you baked into them, they just tasted like fancy matzoh?

Carr's wants you to relive those glory days with their new Flatbreads Seasoned with Salt & Cracked Pepper, which - despite being quite liberally loaded with ground and NOT CRACKED black pepper - are spectacularly ordinary. And while the seasoning does add a small touch of peppery zing, it can't compete against the powerful Cardboard Flavor Jitsu of flatbread.

So, while they are perfectly adequate for moving pâté or cheese from the appetizer dish to your gob, there are so many other, more flavorful and better options in the cracker aisle that flatbreads just fall, you know...flat.

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