14 September, 2012

The Big E is Back!

New Hampshire Agriculture at The Big E
It's time once again for The Big E - aka The Eastern States Exposition - aka New England's Great State Fair. this year, the family and I picked up 17-day unlimited admission passes, so I'll be spending a good chunk of time there over the next couple of weeks.

If there are any disgusting Fair Foods you'd like me to seek out and taste on your behalf, leave a comment or message me on Facebook letting me know. No State Fair Comestible is off limits no matter how filthy or unappealing.



steve06082 said...

Not new but the apple pie and cheese in the Vermont Bldg. What do you think of that pairing?
Also, last year I found fried pork skins. Maybe they gave me a stale plate but I wanted to love them so bad but had to dump them after 3 bites. Dry, salty, tough, hard.

steve06082 said...

Apple pie and cheddar?
Fried pork skins. Last year i found they were too salty, hard, and tough. I was expecting something different. Is that how they are supposed to be or just a stale batch?

Lynnafred said...

I wanna try that nasty doughnut burger. I'm as scared of it as I am fascinated.

steve06082 said...

What about the 4-town fair in the area this weekend too? Any food finds there?

Dave said...

Steve -

I have always liked the taste of a good sharp cheddar with apple pie. When I was a kid, apple pie with a thick slice of cheese was a standard breakfast during apple season (it was hardly ever served with cheese as a dessert.)

The 4-Town Fair in Somers is open this weekend. We try to attend that one, too, because of the small-town atmosphere and the greater accessibility of the agricultural exhibits. (Also, we're friends with a couple of local dairy farmers who exhibit and we enjoy having the chance to meet some of the herds.) I've never concentrated on the food there, though. The Big E is more spectacle and has strayed further from its agricultural roots, so at the Big E we do things like search out strange foods because it is much easier to miss the animal judgings and other stuff that make the small fairs so much fun.