04 September, 2012

Review: Covered Bridge Sea Salt and Black Pepper Potato Chips

That's the West Dummerston VT covered bridge in the background.
Of all the potato chip flavors I've tried over the years, my favorite variety is (sea) salt and black pepper. The problem is finding one that's just salt and pepper. Most brands load up their salt-and-pepper chips with other, unwelcome flavors and ingredients like dextrose, garlic powder, whey, and other unnecessary ingredients. I don't understand how a chip maker can take such a simple concept - make potato chips, season with salt and pepper, sell them - and screw it up so badly by spraying on all the rest of that shit.

Anyway, Covered Bridge Sea Salt and Black Pepper potato chips are one of the chips that get it right. The ingredients are simple and straightforward: Potatoes, Oil (for frying), sea salt, black pepper.  They're kettle cooked using russet potatoes grown within just a few miles of the chip factory in Hartland, New Brunswick. The russets give the chips a beautiful deep golden color, and the black pepper gives 'em a good peppery kick.

Lucky Canadians can find Covered Bridge chips all across The Great White North, but down here in the States they're easiest to find in Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and - I kid you not - California. I'm looking forward to trying some of their other varieties, and I would absolutely recommend that you try them out if you find them near you.


Covered Bridge Chips has a website. Who doesn't these days, eh?


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