14 September, 2012

Review: Alexian Duck Liver Mousse with Cognac

I'm a big fan of liver pâtés, so I was mighty pleased to see a few Alexian products in my local Big Y. You see, when you like pâté but live in a decidedly blue-collar town, your choices are limited to a few canned products in the potted-meat-and-vienna-sausage aisle of the local supermarket, or you make it yourself.

Alexian is well-known for the high quality of their stuff as well as the high ethical standards they set for themselves. I'll talk more about that later - first I want to tell you about how delicious this duck liver mousse is.

As with so many stunning and delicious foods, the ingredients are simple: duck liver, pork, mushrooms, spices, and cognac. The mousse has a wonderfully meaty and slightly livery flavor, deepened by the mushroom's umami and the hint of cognac that is quite detectable throughout. It melts in your mouth like butter, and it's just as smooth and creamy. Quite decadent-tasting, in fact. You could make a truly impressive appetizer by simply taking the mousse as is and packing it into a little stoneware terrine before putting it out with crackers for your guests.

Although I chose the duck liver mousse to review, all of Alexian's products are similarly awesome. They take pride in using the best ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, and no fillers. And Alexian strives to do good as well. They've made a conscious effort to reduce the packaging they use for their products, and they made a big deal out of refusing to use foie gras in their pâtés and mousses. (Personally, I think this whole "no fois gras" thing is pretty silly, especially since I've seen how geese at "foie gras farms" eagerly line up for their "force feeding." But Alexian has their convictions, and they stick to them, and I grant them a grudging admiration for that.)

In my neck of the woods, Alexian's traditional-style terrines, pâtés, and mousses are available at Big Y. Check out their website here, where you will find a store locator to help you find them near you.


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