06 September, 2012

Review: Sonoma Jack Extra Hot Habanero Cheese

Do you like Pepper Jack cheese? Have you found that your usual brands of Pepper Jack just don't seem to have the kick they used to? That's not the cheese's fault, you know - the more hot peppers you eat, the more your tolerance for chile-induced heat increases. Eat enough capsaicin-laced foods, and what used to set your entire face on fire will barely give you a glow.

When run-of-the-mill Jalapeno Jack cheese no longer gives you the fiery thrill you crave, try this Sonoma Jack Extra Hot Habanero Jack cheese. It's far and away the hottest Pepper Jack I've tried, even hotter than most other habanero cheeses.

Lynnafred has an admirable tolerance for chile heat. The first time she tried this stuff, she came into the room holding a slice with a bite taken out of it and asked me, "Am I losing my heat tolerance? I just took a bite of this cheese and it's kicking my ass."  I assured her that her reputation as a chilehead was safe - that cheese was born to kick ass.

The only thing I kind of don't like about it is the stickiness. I know that Jack cheese isn't as hard and dry as cheddar, but this stuff is almost as sticky as Velveeta. But damn! Dat burn! It's great stuff.



Wilbur said...

Where did u get it?

Dave said...

The local supermarket.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Dat burn! I like that.