03 April, 2012

Review: Priano Eggplant Parmesana by ALDI

Sometimes when I'm in the mood for eggplant parmigiana, I don't have any eggplant handy. That's not a problem in the summer, when my eggplant vines in the garden are practically falling over with fruit. But in the winter and spring, good eggplant is hard to find, and local eggplant is just not available. And that's when frozen eggplant parm comes in.

Most of the time, I've bought Celentano eggplant parmigiana. It's decent, and Celentano's tomato sauce is very good. But recently, I found that ALDI was carrying their house brand parmigana, Priano. I bought a few to give it a try. 

And no surprise, it's as good as I've come to expect from ALDI products. The slices of eggplant are lightly breaded, with tangy tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese between the slices (though not as much as the box photo shows.) The product is microwaveable, but when I'm cooking it at home I put it in the oven so I can melt a little mozzarella on the top for the last five minutes of heating time. Half a package is perfectly adequate for a serving along side the pasta of your choice (my choice for the photo at left was rigatoni.) Delicious. 

Like many ALDI products, you may have trouble finding it at your local ALDI, since they have a habit of rotating the availability of many of their specialty items. If you can't find it at your ALDI, don't be afraid to ask the manager about it - they may be able to bring it in for you.


Unknown said...

I LOVE Eggplant Parmesan, this product is delicious!!! Everytime I go to Aldi's I look for this product, when I find it, Yes I'm that crazy woman that buys the whole box. I can't help it, this item is perfect and delicious. It can serve two, but why not just enjoy the entire serving. I serve it with a Ceasar salad, that I purchase at Aldi's too...YUMMY!!!

Sandy MN said...

I LOVE this! I bought as many as I could fit in my freezer at the time. Sadly, it was a special buy, so I can't get it anymore. :/