13 April, 2012

Wait - What The Hell Is "Flaming Young?"

Misspellings are interesting, especially when an unusual misspelling seems to become the default way people mangle a word or phrase. Twitter is a great place to collect hilarious misspellings - not only because its fast pace helps phrases and memes spread quickly, but also because there are a lot of people using Twitter who quite frankly can't spell worth shit.

Check out a few of my favorites:

Grill Cheese (Grilled Cheese):

Flaming Young (Filet Mignon):

Cup of Chino (Cappuccino):

General Toes Chicken (General Tso's Chicken):

Or, if you prefer, General Toast Chicken:

Maybe you're not in the mood for Chinese. You might prefer Mexican...how about a Casadia (Quesadilla):

And of course, there's the old favorite that no one seems to be able to spell without looking it up, Horderves (hors d'oeuvres):


Nope. said...

Expect my dry-cleaning bill in the mail, Dave. I might have just peed myself.

Leeanne said...

Oh. My. God.

chuck in chicago said...

This post illustrates the tendency--unfortunate, but often humorous--of language simplification. I read this while sipping on a glass of iced (not ice) tea!

Rodzilla said...

lol, I loved this