18 April, 2012

Review: Beer Chips

Beer chips. Potato chips made with beer.  Where do I even begin with these things?

Well, I like beer. And I like potato chips. And you know, I gotta admit that chips and beer go pretty well together.  But they don't go together this way if you know what I mean.

Beer chips are thick-cut kettle-cooked chips which are flavored with a coating of powdered beer, and there is no mistaking it. The taste of beer is quite pronounced and certainly unique in the snack universe.

And they taste disgusting. Kind of like piss. Really cheap piss. Cheaper than Pabst Blue Ribbon. Cheaper even than Falstaff or Milwaukee's Best. 

I've eaten some pretty weird stuff. Balut. Canned pig brains. A German-made cheeseburger sealed in a can. Some things have been worse than others. But Beer Chips? They're just nasty

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Dave said...

Waitaminit!!!! PBR used to was pretty good mid-grade (Busch, Old Style, etc) frothingslosh. Heck they had a major brewery about 50 miles from me. It was never my first choice but it wasn't bad, either. I (in those days) drank Schlitz by preference (before they got conglomerated and drowned by Stroh's)with Christian Moerlein as my second choice.

Don't see PBR around here any more much - and I had a total the three brewskis last year - 2 Amber Bock and a Smithwicks. So, I can't really speak to their current quality. But, DAMN, PBR being classed with Old Milwaukee's horse whiz is sure a bring-down