21 April, 2012

Lay's Classic BLT Potato Chips

It's not often that I stop short in the snack aisle of the supermarket, do a double-take and say, "Wait...what?" But it's not often that I find something like these Lay's Classic BLT-flavored potato chips, either.

My first thought was that they would taste just like any other barbecue flavored chip on the market, since they were likely to have powdered tomato and some kind of smoke flavoring added to simulate the BLT experience. However, the ingredient panel listed things like "Natural Bacon Type Flavor" and "Natural Lettuce Type Flavor" as well as the expected tomato powder and paprika extracts. So I gambled four bucks and bought a bag...

...and I was amazed.  These chips really do taste like a classic BLT. Every flavor is there, in roughly the proper proportions - tangy tomato, smoky bacon, lettuce, and even a hint of mayo which totally took me by surprise because Lay's has managed to coax a mayo-like flavor using sour cream, whey, and sugar. The chips are completely and almost perfectly as advertised.

Okay, so they're not going to be my go-to standard potato chip any time soon, but they will certainly be something I buy for the sake of novelty, or that I pick up to bring to a picnic if someone tells me it's my turn to buy the chips.


Anonymous said...

Well, now I Know what I have to buy today!

Lynn Gardner said...

I picked up a bag of these with lunch today and was also surprised by how good they were. I was expecting much more of a salty, faux-bacony punch and these chips were much lighter.

BTW, have you tried Ruffles "loaded" bacon and cheddar potato skins flavored chips? I almost grabbed a bag of those at lunch, too, but was not brave enough.

EatinistBitch said...

omg, i just tried these a couple days ago!! the taste hits home a little too close...i was too creeped out to eat the rest of the bag.